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Scotland is not just a country, it's a destination for desperate foodies, tireless adventurers, astute history lovers, and self-made photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. The friendly people and blissful nature have painted this little country with the colors of beautiful culture, stunning mountains, and tall trees. The aroma of fresh seafood, the flawlessly arranged cities, and the adventure you have in deepest of forest stay with you for a lifetime.
Stirling Castle (Castle)

Built in late 19th century, Stirling Castle sits atop castle hill to stall the wanderer in you. Be ready to lose in its giant corridors.

Loch Ness (Lake)

Clean waters, profuse of sea life, captivating ruins, Loch Ness would make you sit down and admire its beauty for hours.

Edinburgh Castle (Castle)

Scotland has enough castles to keep you stay in the country for months. Edinburgh Castle is another installment of this glorious series.

Arthur's Seat (Hill Peak)

The crown of Edinburgh, the popular hill range Arthur's Seat makes you feel like a king as you have a city-view from its top.

Scottish National Gallery (Art Gallery)

Crowded with rare species of zebras, leopards, and giraffes, Fota Wildlife Park will not only entice your kids, but it will tingle the kid in you.

Dunrobin Castle (Castle)

The most admirable castle in the world with the finely arranged garden, Dunrobin Castle won many battles for its kings and queens.