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Extraordinary architecture and peaceful landscape welcome you as you witness the history dipped riches of Russia. Russia is so much more than just being 'cold'. Only a few know that Russia has its own group of frequent travelers, attracted towards the historical towns and villages, second world war remains, and giant churches that reflect creativity and grandeur.
Moscow Kremlin (Fortified Compounds)

Moscow Kremlin is a diamond in the heart of this big country, fortifying several important & beautiful buildings.

Hermitage Museum (Museum)

Bathed in green and white colors, this stunning monument flaunts great Russian architecture and is a favorite among art and culture lovers.

Red Square (Cathedral)

The very official residence of the President of Russia, is a prevalent selfie spot in Russia, thanks to its colorful, distinct domes.

Lake Baikal (Lake)

There are not much lakes in the world that can match the magnificence of Lake Baikal. A must-visit for nature lovers.

Peterhof Palace (Royal Palace)

Sitting in the heart of St. Petersburg, Peterhof Palace has seen many kings and queens walk with pride.

Kizhi Island (Island)

A six km long 15th-century island housing a building with a distinct architecture. You don't want to miss it.