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Japan is a walk into ancient beliefs, a journey to modern marvels, a dive into bamboo jungles, and a flight into mysterious harmonies. It's timeless. So hardworking people, yet so charming, Japanese attend to their guests with a welcoming heart. Watching a country having so many contrasts and still having a population where everyone is happily moving at a same pace is priceless.
Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Under Water Zoo)

Ever looked into the sea life standing feet apart? Do it at Okinawa Aquarium, and capture a whale itself in your camera.

Mount Fuji (Peak)

Probably the world's prettiest peak, Mount Fuji always has been a top tourist attraction. In winters, it's completely white.

Tokyo Imperial Palace (Palace)

This dwelling of then queens and kings, still constitutes all the beauty. Lovely garden and marvelous architecture welcome you as you step in this palace.

Meiji Shrine (Shinto shrine)

Made in the memories of Emperor Meiji & his wife, walking in the corridors of Meiji Shrine along with your significant half will be an experience worth savoring.

Viking Ship Museum (Museum)

A small museum, enhanced with the beauty of Vikings boats found in several archaeological discoveries. A must visit for history-lovers.

Todai-ji (Temple)

Visiting Japan and haven't been to Todai Ji temple? Watch deer walking and grazing around this stunningly built temple.